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The Show #15: Christian James-Hand

Chelsey, Adam, and TJ join Christian James-Hand for an in-depth interview spanning his career in radio, as a record producer, and much more on his way to creating and hosting the ground-breaking show, The Session. Christian is also the host of Man Vs Radio on Amazon's new Amp platform, where he is live on the air every weekday.

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Follow Christian on IG: @christianjameshand

The Session website:

Man Vs Radio podcast: Download Amazon's Amp platform

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The KLF Burn a Million Pounds (YouTube):

Albums mentioned produced by Christian:

A Broken Record - Jet Morgans (bandcamp)

Waiting For The Dawn - The Mowglis (Spotify) Encal - JD Romance (Spotify)

Alexa Melo - Alexa Melo (Spotify)

Without Winter - Without Winter (Spotify)


The Show presented by Midwest Coast. Episode 15 - Christian James-Hand

Featuring music by: Post Age, Noganomicon, and Without Winter. Exclusive Listener Discount Codes: MWCOAST10 MWCOAST10

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